HP DesignJet HD Pro Multifunction Printer Problems Can Be Fixed Well

The HP DesignJet HD Pro multifunction printer is one of the top choices you can find on today’s market. You can use this printer to produce quality printouts in a matter of minutes. The CCD technology used here will help you produce great documents that are detailed and attractive in many forms. You can even use this to copy documents.

Best of all, a five-camera setup is included in the printer to identify how the paper moves through the unit. You can use this to identify how well a task is moving along so you can produce better documents in moments.

It is with these features that the DesignJet HD Pro printer can be used for printing out maps, blueprints, and many other extremely detailed or technical documents. You can even scan papers at about 6 inches per second in color or 13 inches in black and white. The 15.6-inch touchscreen on the printer lets you check on how well the printer is functioning. Don’t forget about the support the printer has for printing PDF, JPEG, TIFF, and DWF files.

The 320 GB hard drive within the printer lets you produce larger files in moments, a necessity when you consider how technical some files may be. The 2 GB available for scan processing adds to the quality of the setup.

What If Problems Come About?

There are times when you might experience some problem with your printer. In such a case, you can talk with us for help with getting that issue fixed. Our team is available 24 hours a day by phone or online. You can ask us for help with resolving anything whether it entails a connectivity issue or a mechanical problem within the printer among other issues.

We offer HP printer support through our skilled and experienced professionals who have worked with many HP DesignJet printer models over the years. Our team is available to fix up all the problems you might have with such a printer in moments.

We are Available to Fix up Problems Relating To:

  • Slow printing
  • Configuration problems
  • Connection issues
  • Operating system faults
  • Difficulties where the computer cannot recognize the printer
  • Installation-related issues; this includes problems with both getting the basic printer ready and issues with drivers

We will help you with fixing up your printer no matter what the problem might be. Talk with us for help with getting your printer issues resolved in moments. We are available online and by phone; you can even ask us for help through our remote access service.

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