HP DesignJet Printers Are Available For Servicing Through Us

HP DesignJet printers are popular choices to use when you’re looking for effective and helpful printers that meet your needs. These DesignJet printers are useful for startups and larger enterprises alike. These are less expensive for you to operate and can react to anything you need to have handled in as little time as needed.

What’s especially great about DesignJet printers is that you can produce many visual projects off of one of these printers:

  • Get large banners produced for display use.
  • Produce great film-quality photos of many sizes.
  • Generate larger photos on canvas prints.
  • Posters can be produced in a variety of sizes.
  • CAD and AEC drawings can also be produced for your design demands.

Quality Models Available For Your Use

Don’t forget that you can use one of many quality HP DesignJet printers for your printing needs. These include the following models:

  • T120 – The T120 is a smaller model that can handle paper rolls of 24 x 74.7 inches in size or sheets at 8.3 x 11 inches. You can also get a USB, Wi-Fi, or Ethernet connection reach on the T120.
  • T795 – Designed with CAD files up to 44 inches in size in mind, this T795 can also work with GIS apps. You can get quality maps, blue prints, and drawings produced in black and white and color forms. Produce fine documents at up to 2400 dpi on this model. Don’t forget to get A1/D-size prints ready off of this model in about 28 seconds on average.
  • T730 – You can get a project printed quickly on the T730. This also works with many HP ink cartridges from 40 to 300 mL in capacity.
  • T520 – Produce documents and displays at up to 2400 x 1200 dpi on this printer. You can also get mobile printing functions handled through this printer thanks to Wi-Fi, Ethernet, and USB connections.

We Provide Support For :

What Problems Can Develop?

The versatility of your DesignJet printer makes it a valuable choice for your work needs. But you must also look well at how you can get one of these printers to work. Sometimes a printer might be subjected to certain concerns:

  • Printer software errors may develop in your DesignJet unit.
  • Connections between the printer and various devices in the workplace can be compromised.
  • Online connectivity points may be a problem as Wi-Fi networks and other commonplace links could stop working.

Get Your Issues Fixed

The problems that may come along with your printer can be a burden to work with. But you can get any problems relating to your HP printer fixed up as soon as possible. You can contact our HP printer technical support team for help with getting various printer-related functions resolved in moments:

  • Contact our 24-hour hotline at 1-855-344-7486 if you have any concerns relating to the products you are trying to manage.
  • Reach us right now through our live chat support system.
  • You can also send a detailed query to our email support team if needed.

We will respond to all the concerns and issues that you might have to work with. We will give you the help that you need for any issue that you might get into. We even offer remote access services.

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