See What Your HP DesignJet T1530 Printer Can Do

The HP DesignJet T1530 printer is one of the best choices you have for getting all your printing tasks handled the right way. You can use this with one of many printing platforms. The printer can work with pigment and dye-based materials. You can also get printouts at a resolution of up to 2400×1200 dpi ready.

The printer’s job center feature helps you to organize job queues in moments. You can also use this to store various jobs in moments. The printer can also handle a 36-inch paper roll. Two rolls can be used on this printer with a smart switching feature used to help you configure the printer in a matter of moments.

You can also get the printer linked to a Gigabit Ethernet connection. You have the option to print a document directly off of a USB flash drive if needed. Email printing support is also available to help produce documents in a matter of moments.

However, the T1530 is not invulnerable to issues. You may still come across some problems with your printer. These include issues like:

  • The printer may not be properly connected to a certain link. This could be due to many items being sent to the printer at once.
  • Your printer might not be printing as quickly as usual. Again, an extended number of print commands may be a factor.
  • Compatibility problems relating to your operating system or connection can be a problem. Sometimes this might come from browser or internet-related concerns.
  • You may also be using a form of media that the printer does not support.
  • Don’t forget about paper jam issues. You may come across physical jams and the System Error Message 86:01. Sometimes the paper jam may still be noticeable even after you have cleared the blockage out; that is, the printer continues to jam even after you have gotten the problem fixed up.

Fixing a Paper Jam

You can get many problems in your HP DesignJet T1530 printer fixed up in moments. One of the problems you can get resolved is a paper jam. You can use a few steps to get the paper jam fixed up:

  1. Turn the printer off. The key is to keep the printer from being active when trying to fix the issue.
  2. Remove the rolls within the printer.
  3. Open the printer window and check for any visible bits of paper that are stuck.
  4. You may find a jam in the stacker wheel. If this is the case, over the cover to the stacker and remove the paper. Review the wheel support; you might have to rotate the wheels and then reinstall the stacker cover.
  5. For cases where the paper is jammed as you are loading the paper, you would have to review the paper path after lifting the carriage over on the left side. Cut the paper out with scissors and then rewind the roll. Clear out any torn paper that may be stuck in the printer. You must then check on whether any paper is still left in the spot.

There may still be other issues you might come across when trying to take care of your printer paper. Talk with us by HP printer phone number or online if you ever have any problems relating to your printer working. You can speak with us to get the help you demand for any type of printer-related issue you come across.

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