Fixing the Door Open Problem With Your HP DeskJet 400 Printer

As useful as the HP DeskJet 400 printer can be, there are often times when this compact and fast printer might not work properly. One of the more common problems is the Door Open issue. Your control panel might state that the door is open even if the printer doesn’t look like its door is open.

There are many reasons why the Door Open error might come about:

  • The paper is not loaded all the way.
  • The internal RAM is not working right.
  • You might have a paper jam.
  • There could be a hardware error or firewall logic error in your printer.

The Door Open issue can be a problem, but you can get this hassle fixed up with a few basic steps. These points may be utilized to help you get your HP DeskJet 400 printer up and running once again:

  1. Close up the cartridge door. You might have to open and close the door if needed. The door should rest on its own after you have closed it up.
  2. Review any obstructions around the cartridge door, assuming the door is still opening.
  3. Push the power button to turn the printer off.
  4. Remove the USB from the printer on the back part.
  5. Remove the USB from the electricity board.
  6. Wait for a minute and then connect the USB cables on those two parts once again.
  7. Turn the printer back on.
  8. Check the control panel on the printer. The Door Open error should no longer be there.

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