Get Your HP LaserJet Enterprise Flow Multi-Function Printer Fixed Right

The appealing design of the HP LaserJet Enterprise Flow Multi-Function printer is appealing for how it offers a vibrant and useful control panel. But what makes the printer particularly popular is that it is a scan-optimized model. The unit can review the workflow in your business and organize all printing tasks correctly. The optical character recognition feature helps identify more items in your tasks. You can also send tasks to the same share point and scan items off of a cloud network within that printer.

You will appreciate many features with this HP printer. These include features that work well beyond the simple control screen and keypad:

  • Dual head scanning helps you get your documents handled in a few moments.
  • An automatic document feeder gives you extra control over your printing functions.
  • The workflow can be fully streamlined to help you get more scanning functions handled in less time. The HP Flow MFP system ensures that tasks are organized accordingly through a wireless network.
  • The paper capacity inside the printer is very high.
  • Cloud-based services help you to resolve any problems that come with how the printer works.
  • Added security features ensure that the sensitive content in your printer is kept under control. All passwords, security keys, and certificates can be kept private while using the printer.
  • The mobile printing function lets you move tasks from a tablet or other mobile device to the HP printer.
  • A touch-to-authenticate option may be added on mobile devices if desired. This ensures that tasks are only printed when the person who needs them approves of those items.

Fix Smear Issues

As useful as the HP Flow printer can be, some issues may still develop. A smeared image may develop in the feed direction on the printer, for instance. This may occur because the inside part of the print cartridge is not laid out correctly. This could cause the toner to smear along the intermediate transfer belt. This could be due to the intense humidity in a room. The torn edges of the print media may also be caught in the unit cleaner.

The problem can be resolved by removing the ITB unit and then clearing it off before adding that material back in. You can then print at least ten pages to see if the smear is resolved. If the issue is not fixed, you will need to replace the ITB unit and then print with that again; some PQ troubleshooting pages may be printed here.

Bends Are Repeating

You may find some light, narrow, or deep bends repeating after every 1.6 inches on the page. The cyan drum change roller may not allow the OPC charge to move about evenly.

You can go to the Print Quality option on the control panel and then the Optimize section. Set the cleaning frequency to the Alternate option. The frequency will increase, thus helping to clean out the charge roller. Print the PQ pages and review them to see that they are working. If they are still bending, replace the cyan cartridge and try again.

Anything Else?

Are you experiencing any other problems with your HP LaserJet Enterprise Flow Multi-Function printer? Talk with us for help if you need it. We will analyze your problem in real time at any point in the day. Our trained and experienced staff will give you the help you deserve online or by phone.

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