HP LaserJet Printers With HP JetIntelligence Are Easy To Maintain

Many of the best HP LaserJet printers that you can find today are models that use the HP JetIntelligence system for handling your printing needs. The JetIntelligence system works as a toner management setup that analyzes how well your content is to be handled in the printing process.

JetIntelligence works with HP toner cartridges to maintain how well printing tasks are to be completed. This helps to improve upon how easy it is for people to handle different tasks. The system also works with software to analyze how printing tasks are to be laid out or arranged over what will start up first.

There are many features associated with JetIntelligence that deserves to be noted:

  • The JetIntelligence printer works with a page maximizer to help get more toner along many parts of the paper while using as even pressure as possible.
  • Added accuracy for color and monochrome printing ensures that the colors will be handled right.
  • The simplex and auto duplex printing features help improve upon how tasks are organized.
  • Wired and wireless networking support is included.
  • An automatic two-sided feature improves upon how paper is handled on both sides of the paper. You can use this when you want to get large documents supported without using as many sheets of paper at a time.
  • You can copy and scan documents alike.
  • A fax feature is also included on these printers.
  • You are also given notifications for when your cartridges are not added into the printer the right way.

The design of the JetIntelligence printer makes it a special choice for your use. But you must also look at how well the printer is to be laid out. There are many problems that you might encounter when working on your printer:

  • You may have problems with installing drivers.
  • Cartridge issues may develop in your setup.
  • A printer jam may occur as paper is locked in a tray.
  • The toner might smear around the paper.
  • The fuser assembly that reviews what is on your toner cartridge might wear out.
  • The printer is not printing from the tray that you want to work with.
  • The printer cannot detect the specific drivers that you want to use for your operating system.
  • Your printouts are slightly faded.
  • There are issues with your network or operating system.
  • The media you insert into a printer or wirelessly link up to your setup could be a problem. The printer might not handle this right.

How Can You Fix These Issues?

It is not all that hard for you to maintain your HP JetIntelligence printer when you see what you can do to get the printer fixed up right. There are several fixes you can use:

  • Review the paper type setting and set your paper according to the proper print task.
  • Review if the printer is linked to a Windows or Mac operating system.
  • Use a different software program if there is an error in whatever program you were trying to print things out with.
  • Review the toner cartridge and replace it if needed.
  • Always use a proper cartridge made by HP for your HP printer.
  • Calibrate and align the cartridge as needed. The printer software can help you with this.
  • Print a cleaning page that moves the cartridge around your paper.
  • Use a servicing setup to get your paper handled right.

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