HP LaserJet Pro Printer Maintenance Help Is Available

The HP LaserJet Pro Printer is one of the best printers that you can utilize for your work needs. This offers one of the best setups around while working with a reduced amount of energy and IT power. As a result, you don’t have to spend lots of money trying to get the printer to work. More importantly, the printer makes your workplace a little more productive.

The Flow MFP system helps to analyze the workflow in your office and figure out which documents are to be printed out the soonest. The process helps with improving upon how well you can get your tasks completed the right way.

But there are many other things about the HP LaserJet Pro Printer that make it special:

  • You can make this work on an Ethernet or wireless setup.
  • The physical size of the printer is small enough to where it can be placed on various shelving units. Be sure the unit you want to add it on is sturdy enough.
  • You can use a mobile printing feature on the printer to get a task to move from a smartphone or tablet to the printer itself.
  • All network data that is read by the printer will be analyzed carefully. The key is to produce a secure environment for use that only takes a few moments to process.
  • The management programs that the printer can work with will allow you to analyze the documents that come in. You can quickly move one task to the front of the line if needed.

But What About Problems With The Printer?

There are often times when you might come across certain problems with your HP LaserJet Pro Printer. You can get these fixed with one of many solutions:

Managing a Bad Physical Link

To correct a poor physical connection:

  1. Review the cable you are using. Make sure the cable is long enough and is not frayed or worn.
  2. The connections for the cables should be secure. Check that they are not loose.
  3. Look at the port connection on the back part of the printer. The link should be highlighted with a small green light. An amber light may also be produced to show that the printer is active.
  4. Use a different port or cable if needed. That one port you are using on the back area might not be working properly.

Incorrect IP Address

To fix a problem where the computer uses the wrong IP address for the printer:

  1. Go to the printer on your control panel and then go to the Posts printer. Select the IP address of your printer; check the configuration page to figure out what the IP address you should be using is.
  2. Check on the TCP/IP port if needed. Check on the box stating that you will always send print jobs to that printer regardless of changes in its IP address.
  3. Review the hostname for the printer. This may be used instead of the IP address if needed.
  4. Delete the old port and create a new port reading. This is provided that the IP address is correct but that address is not being read accordingly.
  5. Delete the product from your computer if the error still persists. Add the printer once again at this point.

What About the Computer Not Communicating?

Your computer might not communicate with the printer. At this point:

  1. Ping your network to test the connection.
  2. Open your command prompt; click on the Start tab and then go to Run. Add the command cmd at this point.
  3. Review the IP address listed.
  4. Check for the round-trip time. You can tell your network is working if the details on the cmd menu show that time.
  5. For cases where the command to ping does not work, go to the settings on your network or computer and verify the configuration on your network.

Duplex Settings Issues

For cases where the duplex settings are not working and the incorrect link is moving, you should review the settings on your printer. You might be using the default settings instead of something that is working appropriately.

New Program Issues

Check on how you are installing new network functions. All drivers for your printer must be compatible with that network.

Improper Workstation Setting

For cases where the workstation is not running right, check the network directions, printer drivers, and network drivers. See that the configuration on your operating system is handled appropriately.

Disabled Product/Network Setting Issue

For cases where the product is not working all the way, you must go to your network configuration page. Review the protocols involved and enable the protocol for your printer. You might have to reconfigure the network settings too.

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