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HP Latex Printers Are Different From What You’d Expect

Latex printers are among the most intriguing printers you can find today. HP proudly makes a variety of latex printers for your use.

What Is Latex Printing?

A latex printer uses what is referred to as aqueous-dispersed polymer ink technology. This is a green option in that latex compounds are easily renewable. You can get a latex printer ready for your use with latex-based ink that operates well without costing far too much on average, what with it being easier to get new latex materials ready.

What’s also useful is that the latex ink has polymer and pigment particles together that operate on inkjet printing standards. You can use this to get the best-quality prints possible without having to bear with lots of manual cleaning inside your printer.

Works On Many Materials

You can get a latex printer from HP to work well in just a few moments. You can get a printer ready for banners, posters, light boxes, polymer fibers and many outdoor printout materials. The things you can get out of a printer can be worth exploring in any situation.

What Types of Printers Are There?

You can find some appealing printers for all your needs:

  • Latex 335 – The Latex 335 offers six print head options and can handle resolutions at up to 1200 x 1200 dpi. The ink spreads evenly on the paper.
  • Latex 315 – This option is perfect for indoor and outdoor printing needs alike. It also works with less ink on average. You can print things at up to about 517 square feet in an hour, this making this work well for advanced projects of all kinds.
  • Latex 115 – The Latex 115 works well for most resolution choices. You have to use this regularly though, what with the ink being at risk of drying up if you don’t use the printer often.

What About Issues?

Some issues may develop in a printer in many cases. A printer might develop mobility issues where certain moving parts stop moving as well as needed. In other cases, a printer might stop linking up to a computer or mobile device. Cartridge and paper jam problems can also start with some issues coming from incorrect paper settings.

The problems that can come with HP Latex printers can be tough to work with, but you can get these issues resolved quickly when you contact an HP printer support team to help you out.

Talk with us if you need help with fixing all of those issues that you may come across in your HP Latex printer. Talk with us at our website through live chat or send an email out to us. You can also call us at HP printer support number 1-855-344-7486 if you need extra help with getting a paper project managed the right way.

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